Christian Nyakanyanga

Doctoral Researcher|MBA|Certified Information Systems Security Proffesional| Certified Information Security Manager | ISO 27001 Lead Implementer

I’m passionate about Business and Technology. My passions have led me down many paths, starting and running multiple entrepreneurial ventures, consulting with large financial service firms and even becoming a public speaking champion.

In addition to my academic and business pursuits, I’m an avid Tae Kwon Do practitioner, having won multiple national medals, culminating in a Bronze Medal at the 2016 TaeKwon-Do World World Championship. When I’m not in the office, classroom or Dojo I’m in the ocean pursuing what I consider my personal Mount Everest summit – Surfing the best and most shark-infested wave in the world – Jeffreys Bay.

  • 2007

    Founder - VarsityAds Student Classifieds

    I started VarsityAds while I was in my second year studying Information Science at University. VarsityAds was a student classifieds and social platform that digitised student classifieds and connected students at universities across the country. This was my first time building a digital product and landing blue chip customers which ended up paying for my university fees.

  • 2009

    Information Security Analyst - Financial Services | Health | Public Sector

    Having studied Information Science I was drawn to join a Big 4 firm as an analyst in the Information Security space. What a joy to spend my time speaking to and advising IT leaders on how to secure their information as well as leveraging technology in achieving business outcomes.

  • 2013

    Founder - Cyber Sentinel Cyber Security

    The entrepreneurship bug bit again. Using my industry experience, past experience as an entrepreneur and love for technology, I started Cyber Sentinel, a cyber security firm. Our work involves implementing enterprise security solutions within financial services firms. Helping organisations protect shareholder and stakeholder value against the harmful effects of cyber attacks.

  • 2015

    Toastmasters Public Speaking Champion

    My journey as a Toastmaster was absolutely thrilling. I rose through the ranks to eventually become president of one of the oldest Toastmasters clubs. At the same time I won numerous regional and international public speaking contests, speaking to audiences across the country.

  • 2016

    TaeKwon-Do World Championship - Bronze Medal

    I was privileged to represent South Africa at the 2016 World Taekwon-Do Championships. While the competition was very tough I was able to bring back a bronze medal for my efforts. The biggest lesson from this was less about fighting and more about how you should never get complacent with local excellence because there is someone halfway across the globe, training everyday to kick your butt.

  • 2020

    Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)

    The pursuit for excellence never ends. As a self taught entrepreneur I decided it was time to add academic rigour to my toolset. As technologist we sometimes get caught up in a tech echo chamber and forget about business objectives. My MBA journey strengthened my experience in Business Strategy, New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship

  • 2020

    Cofounder - BabyKuto Natural and Organic Baby Care

    Using my skills in product development, venture creation and strategy I cofounded BabyKuto. BabyKuto is a natural and organic baby skin care product that treats Eczema in babies and toddlers. BabyKuto has won numerous awards and has been identified by parents all across Europe for its natural ability to treat Eczema without the use of harmful steroids.

  • 2022

    Doctoral Researcher - Warwick Business School

    I started my journey in becoming a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). My research falls under Strategy and International Business and is focussed on understanding how multinational financial service firms can protect stakeholder value against the harms of cyber attacks.

  • 2023

    TedXWarwick - The Significance of Digital Security

    Sharing ideas that matter. In my TedX talk at the University of Warwick, I highlight the significance of digital security in creating a more sustainable future. Drawing from real world examples I describe how cyber attacks affect stakeholder and shareholder value as well as society at large and what can be done to secure a brighter future.

  • 2024

    Enerst Care Health - Non Executive Director

    Using my experience in new venture creation, business administration, business strategy and privacy to help Enerst Care become a leading healthcare provider. Enerst Care is a domiciliary care agency based in Greater Manchester that provides support, guidance, assistance, and live-in care which ensures that patients can live happy, fulfilled, and independent lives.

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