Looking for a World-Class Strategy, Tech or CyberSecurity Advisor or Keynote Speaker?

Doctoral Researcher

Doctoral Researcher at Warwick Business School in Strategy & International Business.

Digital Security Expert

Certified Information Systems Security Professional with over two decades of experience in advising multinational firms on how to secure their global operations.

Serial Entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur with an MBA in Entrepreneurship, involved in the technology, cosmetics and healthcare industries.



Looking at the latest Tech trends and how they are shaping our future and how this affects your organisation.


Investigating business and societal harms caused by cyber-attacks and how organisations should think about it.


Looking at how new ventures are created and what drives successful ventures in an ever-changing global landscape.

Helping Business think differently about Technology.

Top Articles

  • Cyber Harms: An impact-based approach to cyber risk

    Organisations need to change their way of thinking about cyber risks. Instead of just focusing on threats, they should look at the potential harm that cyber attacks can cause. By understanding these harms, they can better protect their assets and the people who rely on them. This shift can help companies make smarter decisions about cybersecurity.

    February 29, 2024
  • How Cyber Harms erode stakeholder value

    Cyber harms erode stakeholder value. When business leaders think about cyber attacks, they often think about operational resilience and thereby focus on the technical side of protecting data but overlook the social, psychological and societal harms these attacks have on their stakeholders.

    August 9, 2023
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