MBA Reflective Journal

GIBB reflective Cycle

Description – what happened?

Professor Jonathan Marks brought a former student and entrepreneur to speak to the entrepreneurship class. The entrepreneur came from a sales background and started an IT consulting business straight from the MBA.

Feelings – what where you thinking and feeling?

Here is a guy with no IT background, came into my industry, built a business, sold it and started another product based tech business. Exactly what I want to do. On one hand felt relieved that my plan is valid, especially starting with a cybersecurity consulting business, creating a cash cow that will allow me to fund a product business that scales better than services. On the other hand, I felt as if I’m underperforming. Its been 7 years of hacking away at this and yet haven’t achieved escape velocity.

Analysis – What sense can you make of the situation

Taking the positives out of the encounter. Firstly i made the right choice in doing an MBA, expanding and practicing my business acumen. Secondly – Im on the right path, others have gone before me and i guess im not crazy.

Conclusion – What else could you have done

I wouldn’t change my path right now, im learning and the past 14 months have accelerated my growth in business

Action Plan – If the situation arose again, what would i do

Focus on extracting every ounce of value from the Entrepreneurship focus in building my business. At the end of the process i should be able to put forward a business thats at the very least academically sound and gives Cyber Sentinel a real fighting chance of being the success story i know it can be.

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